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Mudah dimakan! Kanak-kanak suka..

Mr. Raihan tolong packaging...

Order from Pn. Naraida. Tq!
100 ++ pcs

Cake Flavour : Choc & Strawberry

Mr. Smiley cake pops

RM 2.50 per stick
1 set ---> 30 pcs = RM75
Size : Diameter 5 cm

16 pcs = RM40
Mix of Choc & Mr. Smiley

Packing of 6 pcs
My 2 years old model eating Mr. Smiley Pops

Choc Pops 1

Pinky Cake Pop

Plain pink
White choc rise topping
White choc chip

Simple packaging

Cake pops for Julia Birthday

My model eating cake popKids enjoying pops. They really love it!

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