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Tutu for Pn. Zaharidah's daughter (for ballet class).
Thank you!

My new butterfly ribbon design.

With small butterflies.
Baby Blue Ballerina Tutu
(Pink Checkered Butterfly ribbon - Stretchable)

2 layers / 2 colour
Waist : 21" / Length : 11 "
Age (size) : 4 yr - 7 yrs
Embellishment : Small Butterflies (pink)

 (postage not included)
Status : SOLD

Red Velvet with Lemon Cheese Frosting yang ditempah oleh Ms. Arnis utk bapanya. Tq! 
I really like this rich & classic design ! Looks yummy!

25 pcs Red Velvet Cupcake with Lemon Cream Cheese Topping.Actually, I don't like the design. I would prefer simple cheese topping & choc on top. Tapi Suria nak ada color2 sikit, that's why i letak sikit biru & candy for topping. Anyway Thank u sis!

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