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This set of tutu was requested by customer for her daughter's (4 years old) kindergarten concert (fashion show).

This all made with love!

Soorry for the low quality images.. because my camera suddenly habis bateri during photo session.. ciss.. So, i kena snap using my phone. Nanti i upload gambar yg sempat i ambil guna real kamera.

Total price : around RM200 (without postage)

Party Princess Handmade Tutu Set
2 layers / 3 colour
Waist : 20" / Length : 22 "
Age (size) : 4 yrs- 7 yrs
Embellishment : Glittery Butterfly, B&W ribbon & Big Rose

Golden Butterfly & Big Ribbon Wand
Big Hair-clip with Golden Butterfly & Roses
Stretchable Pink Tube with small Ribbon
Price : -n/a-
 (postage not included)
Status : SOLD

 Julia & fiya with halter neck tutu, flower wand & hair clip
 My handsome husband
 All together
Ini Flower Girl Tutu untuk my daughter & her cousin. Tutu ni jenis 'Halter Neck' , dari dada ke kaki. I buat set tutu ni dengan 'flower wand' , 'big hairclip' , pink strechable tube (untuk cover dada) & pentyhose (beli). 1 set around RM200. Boleh email jika ada apa-apa nak tanye..

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